time, never enough

I decided to play along with the @shuttersisters on instagram this month. Today's prompt was time.

Hunh. Well now, THAT'S appropriate...! I thought. Because this morning - day two of the new school year for us - time was the one commodity that just didn't seem to be available enough.

Had to drag them both out of bed this morning, even though both of their alarms were actively trying to alarm them awake. Teens, sheesh. (which they have become, despite assuring me repeatedly when they were younger that they'd NEVER become a one of those nasty beings they derided back then... everything from graffiti to global warming: "tsk - TEENagers!")

One's got a lovely rhinovirus busy trying to escape his nose repeatedly and says his throat feels like it's lined with sandpaper... the other's wardrobe is sadly lacking on anything to wear. All I want to do is wade through the camping gear waiting to be washed in the kitchen to get to the coffee maker...

Then, just mere minutes before it's time for them to push off, one informs me that the clock in her classroom is broken and it's driving her nuts. She rushes around to find one of her working watches but is unsuccessful. Probably because she - like most teens - doesn't use a watch anymore but tells time with a cell phone (or iPod touch in her case). As do I, I must admit.

So she ended up borrowing my necklace. 

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