definition of ?

embarrassment: unable to locate my iPhone, dial the phone and hear the music pumping out of the stereo dim a bit behind the sound of my phone ringing.

(so, I've attached my iPhone to the stereo to blast some tunage only to forget that my phone is attached to the stereo...)

(but the wandering around muttering angrily while trying to locate the phone, all the while enjoying the music's presence...)

(and I've done this multiple times, not just once)



In honour of her Wins last night, this post.

the reason why I started listening to Adele Adkins:

because I was stopped dead in my tracks;

how can that voice come out of a 
19 yr old white chick?

I jumped on over to iTunes 
right after hearing this interview
and bought Right as Rain.

The power of a real performance, no?


let me count the ways

I didn't early adopt, but I am comfy around technology. (except for the new TV setup. how can two adults with at least six combined degrees in total NOT figure the damn thing out?? even the 14 yr old 'just fiddles' around sometimes. argh!)

Around these parts, conversation leans towards Blackberry v. iPhone. I'm in the iPhone camp. I understand the plusses of the Blackberry, but I'm happy with my choice. The iPhone is more like a wee tablet, and I couldn't be happier that technology is kinda starting to catch up with my scifi brain. (except for the hover car... where IS it??)

So - just off the top of my head, my iPhone is not sitting in front of me - this is what I use my iPhone for just about every day:

check the weather
listen to radio
text my family and friends
check in and look around fb
find friends; okay family
see when the library book is due
calculate the tip
other calculates
voice memo to remember... something
photography and instagram
track my period
find out where the ISS is
check my email
listen to music
oh, and make the occasional phone call


... in the name of love

This past weekend I travelled with my daughter's competitive synchronized swimming club to an out-of-town meet. Her first one. (mine too)

The purpose of this post is for me to remember the emotions present during this event. What is the emotion called that causes tears to well up uncontrolled when you're watching someone you love perform? It's a cousin to pride, that's what it feels like. But it's not the chest thumping kind. It's part pride and part happiness for them. Working through her first set of real nerves while waiting in line to perform her compulsory figures. She works really hard and it was so great to see her putting on her 3 min show with her team. She says she doesn't remember much of her team's routine, just diving in and then getting out at the end.

And the stuff back at the hotel room, Yvonne - remember that too. No, it wasn't bad. But I just handled it, gave the girls a pep talk about bonding and team performance. Not freaking out on them and hitting the ceiling like the other Mom said she would've.

"Do you work with kids as a job? How many kids do you take care of?" she asks. Just two, and I have a biology background.

"Really?? cuz you seem to know what you were doing back there."

It was a wonderful compliment, especially with the another team Mom nearby nodding furvently in agreement. No wonder shortly after that I was having difficulty seeing through the tears.

I may not do other things particularly well, But this? this I'm proud of.