one breath at a time

Blaze was attacked while I was walking him after dinner last Sunday. A German Shepherd didn't like the looks of him I guess and burst through his front door, tore down the street and chomped on Blaze's rear end. He got a couple of bites in before I managed to get a good enough kick in to dislodge him.

His owners were right behind the dog, yelling for me to do just that; kick him. I was pissed off by this time and didn't need any further encouragement. The whole attack probably lasted 10 seconds. Ten long seconds.

Blaze was trying to defend himself, and cower alternatively. He's fairly submissive, easy going, which is good for a family dog that is hugged more than he likes.

When we got home I gave him a bath to get the smell of the other dog off him and to assess any damage. My husband found some punctures and we decided to sew them up ourselves so he went off to the hospital and collected what we needed. That part went okay.

But the next morning he needed to go to the vets and was put on anti-inflammatory/pain meds and a broad spectrum antibiotic. And then two days later he had to return to the vets because he'd developed an abscess in a couple of the wounds which needed lancing and draining. So he came home from that visit still woozy from the sedative, sporting a Cone of Shame. With instructions for no off-leash activities for 14 days.

All that to say that this has been a really stressful summer. Layers and layers of stress have pressurized me. So much so that my head feels like a tangle of scrap metal, and I lose my train of thought many many times a day. Yes I have upped my meds, and that does help. (I wouldn't wish an anxiety disorder/depression on ANYONE, friend of foe.) And I've blown off a bit of steam here and there. (being honest here)

But I'm looking forward to the end of it all. It will end, I know that -- see, therapy was good for something -- but I'd sure like to release this breath and take a new fresh one.


cringing for the third

Yesterday it was the microwave that ceased. Today it was the A/C that desisted. Making me grumpy and migrainey.

I've got plans to head up to the cottage tomorrow, but I'm cringing for the third! Please not the car, please not the car, please not the car...

(the microwave is a hothead. blows a fuse if you ask it to pop popcorn, so it just needs to cool down a bit and then it's fine again. the a/c had a loose wire. both easily fixed. phew)


and now blasphemy

Yesterday was Arcade Fire Day according to one of the radio stations I listen to. Because they released their third CD to much anticipation.

I have their first two CDs. I got them after I heard that "after the band opened three arena-size shows for U2 in Montreal and Ottawa, Bono and his mates pronounced the Arcade Fire their favorite new act." And "David Byrne wrote them a fan letter and joined them onstage", and "David Bowie (who’d been giving “Funeral” to his friends) asked them to cover “Queen Bitch” at one of their shows and made a surprise appearance in a white suit and straw hat". (that's all from The New York Times)

I thought "wow!" I gotta listen to this band, so I bought one, then the other CD. But I'm not gonna get this one. Because I don't get it. I don't get the appeal of the band, of this music. They were on CBC's Q last night, great interview. No divas in sight, articulate thoughtful individuals. Obviously talented. And! They've staunchly maintained their independance, releasing their music their way. So admirable, and so difficult!

But I don't hear it... and I really, really wish that I did. Because... well, I'm a bit of a music fanatic, a Grup if you will. Or, just plain Music Snob according to some I suppose. I think I'm a bit more openminded than those descriptions, but I do understand how they feel.

I can recall saving up to buy the latest 12" vinyl British import when I was a teen. Probably two paychecks worth. Now...? I hear those songs while I'm in the cereal aisle comparing boxes of oatmeal. THAT'S depressing. I read Spin magazine religiously for it's first year and a half, until they deigned to put Madonna on the cover AGAIN and I stopped cold turkey. I do have standards, after all. (and yes, I love Almost Famous)

And I have a half decently trained ear, having accomplished Grade 8 Royal Conservatory on the piano and taken jazz piano lessons a little while ago. Hell, I even listened to jazz in my 20s. Whereas friends and family hear 'noise' I hear artistry.

But I don't hear it in Arcade Fire. And I wish that I did cuz it sounds like it'd be really really good.