too hot, and it's only 10 am!

hammocks rock!


morning doggie hug


(So, I'm starting early on The August Break 2012. I'm going to be absent for part of the month, so I'm giving myself some leeway here...)

relax. this ain't the mainland...

Maybe I'll start early. I'm going to be off-grid for almost two weeks in August; at the cottage and then camping. Cellular service is spotty, and either no electricity (while camping) or only dial-up service available (at the cottage). So accessing the Net will be difficult, or just plain far too frustrating.

(another) successful surfing lesson


sunset on Pettinger Point, Cox Bay


view from the hot tub

At Long Beach Lodge Resort, Tofino BC.

from the hot tub
Yeah, it was rough. Actually, the roughest thing was getting a photo with the sun shining! A fog bank sat right off (and sometimes on) the beach. Once Neal and Joe went out body surfing and the fog was so thick that when they turned around they couldn't see the shore. 

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Back in Ontario we're having a stinkin' hot summer so far. (not looking forward to having to go back into that...)


10 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. Once I know something ~ a tidbit of news, a secret ~ I somehow assume that everyone else knows what I do. Makes keeping secrets for me stressful (not to mention potentially dangerous for others) and also leaves me feeling distinctly unspecial. Or humble. Somewhere between those two. It also makes creating lists like 10 Things You May Not Know About Me difficult since on some level I think I'm so obvious that everyone already knows many more than 10 things about me. Circuitous.
  2. I have synaesthesia. However I have probably the most common form of it. And I simply can't imagine NOT having all these colours involved in my daily life.
  3. I see photographic opportunities all around me daily, but have difficulties acting on them.
  4. I can become paralyzed by my perfectionism.
  5. I think I should be living elsewhere. I have difficulty feeling 'at home' most places.
  6. I secretly suspect that I deserve all the goodness that I have right now. I'm okay with this feeling, but I don't know how to express it without it coming off as arrogance.
  7. I don't believe we have a soulmate, and I don't believe we can have only one great love.
  8. I do believe that human beings ~ as a species ~ are incredibly resilient.
  9. I know I don't have all the answers yet. Nor does anybody else.
  10. I think depression and anxiety disorders are on the opposite side of the coin to creativity. They co-exist, and help each other.


no title will do justice

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada's 145 birthday. Living in her capitol allows me and my family to indulge in some really great Canadianna... not sure how much or exactly what we're gonna do today as of yet; there's a cousin's birthday and party at his place. With this heat that may be it for me until the cooler evening and fireworks!

My husband has to attend a funeral though. I'm incredibly sad. Actually, I'm immensely angry. The anger supercedes the sadness. She was slightly younger than I, three kids under 10 years old, taken by a bitch of a cancer in ten months. 

And that? That is. just. plain. WRONG.