am I just a drunk bunny?

They don't believe in the Easter Bunny anymore, yet oddly enough still want chocolate. So we hid some. The next day,

Joe : hey, there are still many eggs that I hid and you two haven't found yet.

Me: yeah, me too.

Maeve pauses, then walks over to the liquor cabinet. Opens it. Finds an egg.


five things before coffee

No one likes black jujubes in our house. Can they be successfully composted?

Realized that I wasn't going to have to give up *my* music when my two-and-a-half year old daughter exclaimed from the back seat "Mommy!! It's Weeeee-zer!!!"

Why is it that my son got the curly hair, and not my daughter?? She wants it; he doesn't.

I often create band's names during the day. Like, multiple times during the day.

Coffee is a bean, cocoa is a bean but peanut is a legume.