I make art


How? Started by copying a photo of a gorgeous pair of Fluevogs

Chiyao Fluevogs

ran it through my TurboScan app and then printed it out. 

Adhered the paper to a canvas with soft gel medium, (coloured side down) and let it dry overnight. Next day wet the paper and rubbed it away gently to reveal the end result in the first photo. Covered it with a layer of matte Modge Podge when dry. That's it! Easy peasy.

Excuse me, I'm gonna go make me some more...

definitely not bunched up any more

I was standing in line at the cash, just about to unload a full cartload of groceries and happened to notice that the person directly behind me had only a couple of items. After looking up and making eye contact,

"Umm, you can go ahead of me if you want..." gesturing with a sweep to the conveyor belt.

"oh, uhhh sure... Thanks!"

A bit of juggling, during which I noticed that the mid20somethingyearold behind him had a half-dozen of items in her basket.

"uhhh, ... d'you want to too? You've only got a couple of things...?"

"No, that's okay. Thanks."


And then: it happened. My Dad jumped straight out of my mouth:

"after all... you can do better than that!" gesturing with a nod down to the paltry contents of her basket shielding her body. "HA HA ha ha heh heh. erhmmm"

"henh." says her, smiling slightly, no eye crinkles though... humouring the mid40s too talkative Mom. Sad, really...

I turn back and start unloading my cart, mentally OMFGing. I can't believe it!

Later on that day I'm FaceTime-ing with my sister and she says she recently had a very similar experience - at the grocery store too. She thought she was just 'being friendly' with the cashier when partway through the conversation she realized that the girl was just humouring her. She was channelling our Dad too!

It IS genetic! Now I'm really scared...


"ahh, she's still bunched up inside at that age" says my longtime friend. It's true you know. I would've reacted much the same at her age. I think. But then again, having grown up with a father who chatted up strangers, maybe not.


my online presence

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I wonder which of these will still be around and provide a giggle ten years from now...?

simply simple

I owe Jian a great deal. I mean, I'm a Stuck-at-Home Mom... when do I get to hear new music?? 

Almost a year ago now Mother Mother played Q live in studio, and then soon afterwards I heard them on Live 88.5 (our local 'alternative' station). Since then I've infected both of the kids, one of which is doing an English assignment on the video for The Stand.

The other one is using K'naan's Wavin Flag for her unrelated assignment. Weird, huh? Both of 'em doing video analysis and they're not in the same grade... heck not even in the same school! 

We've been doing a lot of determining, listening and analyzing of lyrics in this house for the past week or so. (no... no Mondegreens to speak of unfortunately) 

During my online voyage to help them with their schoolwork I came across the video below. I knew from listening to the band on Q that they 'could sing' and weren't processed y'know? But geez they sound good! 
And then, just cuz I've been listening to all those lyrics I wrote down the ones to this song too. Aw, you're welcome!

take me lightly, I am not the way I ought to be
I’m just the way I’ve got to be
take me slowly or else you may come by injury
I’ll hurt you emotionally
rock me baby until my eyes are closed and I’m asleep
and then it’s safe for you to leave
call me lazy for I have yet to let my soul free
it’s still very much in my reach, oh
I just want it to unfold
simply simple
I do everything I’m told
to keep it simple
you want babies, well here I am
so why now aren’t you pleased with a big baby like me?
I throw a fit and you trip to pick up after it
domesticated bliss ain’t it, oh no
I just want it to unfold
simply simple
I do everything I’m told
to keep it simple
simply simple
I just want it to unfold
and I do everything I’m told
and I just want it to unfold
simply simple