OK, I'll say it out loud: I'm just about done with you, Summer!

Granted, I'm not a summer person, I don't do well in the heat. I suffered a mild version of heat stroke in my teens and I lifeguarded for ten years so I've had my share of self-baking. Add heat-induced migraines into that now and you get a more rounded picture.

Summer started early here; mid-20C at Easter and it doesn't seem to have abated much since. And even though a heat wave is technically three days of plus 30C in a row or some such nonsense, I've had the a/c on here for over a week.

It seems sacrilegious to utter this given that us Cdns can have such long winters, but much like you Winter complainers... I'm DONE with summer!!



352' baseboard and quarter round
20 gallons of low VOC paint (so far...*)
5 colours of green
42C humidex
0 migraine pills left
304 books to donate
13 days till we move
52 dollars my parents paid the movers in 1963

*up to 22 now, but I think that'll be it,
23 now... surely that's it!