38 degrees with the humidex

Picture yourself at an elementary school play. The stagehands are all grade 3 and 4s. A change of scenery is required, but the hands are sweaty from nerves and the rope slips right through their hands and the backdrop unfurls quickly and hits the stage with a resounding BANG.

Wow. Winter just changed into Summer!


current rotation

I think we all agree that the best line is:
"it's like Paradise, spread out with a butter knife"


strike a pose

I will often command him to jump up and sit on this rock during our walks. I also snap photos of him, but for some reason this one looks a bit surreal... it looks like he's posing in front of a green screen that I've digitally swapped out with a backdrop. Oh, and I've positioned each blade of grass individually.


a happy anniversary

20 years ago I saw the most fireflies I've ever seen at once. The hot air balloon couldn't take off because of the humid, threatening weather. My better-than-everyone fastidious aunt had a one-bite profiterole explode on her during the reception; I thanked karma while giggling behind my hand when I found out. I had to convince the staff to indeed cut up all the cake; we were gonna eat it, not save it. Chris made everyone - including me - cry; I really wish he'd written his speech down but he did it off the cuff and there's no record of it other than emotional memory.

It was relaxed and fun and funny. And I can't believe it's been 20 years.


brown chicken brown cow

Blaze likes pillows. He really likes them... finds them very sexy I guess. When he was a puppy it was blankets but after he was fixed he lost interest. But every once in a while one of the sofa pillows beckons and he's powerless to its charms.

It doesn't happen often, and he seems quite embarrassed* when caught. He'll skulk off to compose himself and then reimerge all hey what's up? and carry on as if he wasn't just caught in a compromising position with a stuffed object.
(*comic use of anthropromorphization... I know he can't feel embarrassment)

This time the recomposure didn't go so well; his... bits wouldn't retreat. I found him a couple of minutes later on the landing just standing, looking confused. A quick glance was all I needed; he was stuck. In the ON position.

For some reason his posture bothered me and I've heard that having this body part stuck in the ON position - especially from constriction - can prove dangerous. So I thought I'd give him a couple of minutes alone to calm things down and then we'd see.

Still stuck. Still standing, confused. So I call the vets and for some reason after the receptionist confers with a tech on duty, recommends 'bring him in; right now'. I explain to the kids that they're on their own for feeding themselves (and it has to be more than just Cheerios; protein must be involved) and ready the dog to get him transported.

I had to lift him up into the car - front end, then back. I walk around the car to get in, and for some reason I decide to check on him just one more time. Maybe cuz he's sitting comfy now? Don't know. But his bits have settled back into the NORMAL operating position. I make him stand right there in the backseat of the car and yep, sure enough he's fine.

Retrace our steps, back into the house and unclip his leash. The kids are just getting bowls down for Cheerios and look over surprised. All clear I say as I start to dial the vets office.


double yew tee eff

I am so very disappointed. Specifically in my fellow Ontarians. I'm not a political person per se. I have my beliefs, and I have always voted. Rarely have I been totally happy with the results, but this is the first time I've been so deeply saddened by the outcome.

What on earth were y'all thinking??! This is a government that caused parliament to fall, that took it's ball and went home when things weren't going its way, that banned the term climate change when it came to power five years ago. Yep, it was 'illegal' to utter that phrase: even if it appeared in your title, or on your business card and letterhead.

Yes, yes... the Economy... don't raise the corporate tax rates... I heard you. My thinking is this: in 100 yrs when historians look back on this time what will they say about this electorate? I mean, come on... Canada has never been THAT much of an influence on the world's economy. Much of what his government has accomplished has been heavily tainted by luck for a better term. If the US economy went in the tank, we'd be safe not because of what Stephen Harper did or didn't do... our safety measures were already in place, no? He was just lucky that our system isn't the same. He didn't actually DO anything. Other than take credit for it...

What he HAS done is taken away my (secret) pride: that we are good stewards of the land. Or, we try to be. Yes, it's important that we have the means to pay our own household bills. But I also think it's important - obviously more important than what Harper thinks - to try and take care of our Home so that in 100 years my ancestors aren't embarrassed. Or worse.