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I am so very disappointed. Specifically in my fellow Ontarians. I'm not a political person per se. I have my beliefs, and I have always voted. Rarely have I been totally happy with the results, but this is the first time I've been so deeply saddened by the outcome.

What on earth were y'all thinking??! This is a government that caused parliament to fall, that took it's ball and went home when things weren't going its way, that banned the term climate change when it came to power five years ago. Yep, it was 'illegal' to utter that phrase: even if it appeared in your title, or on your business card and letterhead.

Yes, yes... the Economy... don't raise the corporate tax rates... I heard you. My thinking is this: in 100 yrs when historians look back on this time what will they say about this electorate? I mean, come on... Canada has never been THAT much of an influence on the world's economy. Much of what his government has accomplished has been heavily tainted by luck for a better term. If the US economy went in the tank, we'd be safe not because of what Stephen Harper did or didn't do... our safety measures were already in place, no? He was just lucky that our system isn't the same. He didn't actually DO anything. Other than take credit for it...

What he HAS done is taken away my (secret) pride: that we are good stewards of the land. Or, we try to be. Yes, it's important that we have the means to pay our own household bills. But I also think it's important - obviously more important than what Harper thinks - to try and take care of our Home so that in 100 years my ancestors aren't embarrassed. Or worse.

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