We're having dinner outside last night and for some reason the dog wouldn't settle, despite me putting him in a down/stay a couple of times. So I got up out of my seat, firmly repositioned him into the down/stay and then released him out of it and brought him inside rather purposefully.

As I'm putting Blaze in this down/stay I hear from behind me, Neal say:
"I'm glad we got a dog 'cos now I know what Mummy will do if I disobey her."


The mascots for the London 2012 summer games were introduced yesterday:

The 2012 Olympic mascot Wenlock, left, and Paralympic mascot Mandeville pose for photographers in the playground at St. Paul's primary school in London.

Wow... really?? No, really?!

Does anyone else see a family resemblance?
See full size image


yeah, but can you dance to it?

from Coldplay's '42' on Viva la Vida,
the correct lyrics are:

"you didn't get to heaven but you made it close"

from the back of the car,
today after school:

"you didn't get to have it but you made the clothes"