December 25, 2011 in hourly photos

idea originates from Andrea
photos are unrehearsed, untouched, uncropped... and no 'redo's:

7am: the wake up back tickle

8 am: she had the fire going by the time
we all congregated downstairs

9 am: red clover, red clover epiphanie bag!!!

10 am: bacon and crepes

11 am: and coffee
(but not Keurig)

12 pm: The Clean Up

1 pm: xmas music
(I am SO picky)

2 pm: white christmas after all

3 pm: happy happy joy joy

4 pm

5 pm: playing scribblish

6 pm: Tdinner
(hours of prep for minutes of consumption)

7 pm: bright lights

8 pm: more presents

9 pm: table cloth

10 pm: more scribblish

11pm: time to retire


maroon mondegreen

Maeve belts out the lyric in the car on the way to synchro this week. I giggle.

"Whhaaaat????!" she challenges.

"Hee hee. That can't be it... Sorry for laughing, but that can't be the right word."

"It IS. What else could it be??!"

"I don't know, but I'm SURE that they don't say 'Take me by the tongue'..."

ha ha ha.