December 25, 2011 in hourly photos

idea originates from Andrea
photos are unrehearsed, untouched, uncropped... and no 'redo's:

7am: the wake up back tickle

8 am: she had the fire going by the time
we all congregated downstairs

9 am: red clover, red clover epiphanie bag!!!

10 am: bacon and crepes

11 am: and coffee
(but not Keurig)

12 pm: The Clean Up

1 pm: xmas music
(I am SO picky)

2 pm: white christmas after all

3 pm: happy happy joy joy

4 pm

5 pm: playing scribblish

6 pm: Tdinner
(hours of prep for minutes of consumption)

7 pm: bright lights

8 pm: more presents

9 pm: table cloth

10 pm: more scribblish

11pm: time to retire

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