a happy anniversary

20 years ago I saw the most fireflies I've ever seen at once. The hot air balloon couldn't take off because of the humid, threatening weather. My better-than-everyone fastidious aunt had a one-bite profiterole explode on her during the reception; I thanked karma while giggling behind my hand when I found out. I had to convince the staff to indeed cut up all the cake; we were gonna eat it, not save it. Chris made everyone - including me - cry; I really wish he'd written his speech down but he did it off the cuff and there's no record of it other than emotional memory.

It was relaxed and fun and funny. And I can't believe it's been 20 years.


  1. Congratulations to one of the strongest and even partnerships I've come to know. xo

  2. wow. thanks Col!

    (our partnership must be strong; it survived two 10hr bus rides in one four day long weekend!! hee hee)