and now blasphemy

Yesterday was Arcade Fire Day according to one of the radio stations I listen to. Because they released their third CD to much anticipation.

I have their first two CDs. I got them after I heard that "after the band opened three arena-size shows for U2 in Montreal and Ottawa, Bono and his mates pronounced the Arcade Fire their favorite new act." And "David Byrne wrote them a fan letter and joined them onstage", and "David Bowie (who’d been giving “Funeral” to his friends) asked them to cover “Queen Bitch” at one of their shows and made a surprise appearance in a white suit and straw hat". (that's all from The New York Times)

I thought "wow!" I gotta listen to this band, so I bought one, then the other CD. But I'm not gonna get this one. Because I don't get it. I don't get the appeal of the band, of this music. They were on CBC's Q last night, great interview. No divas in sight, articulate thoughtful individuals. Obviously talented. And! They've staunchly maintained their independance, releasing their music their way. So admirable, and so difficult!

But I don't hear it... and I really, really wish that I did. Because... well, I'm a bit of a music fanatic, a Grup if you will. Or, just plain Music Snob according to some I suppose. I think I'm a bit more openminded than those descriptions, but I do understand how they feel.

I can recall saving up to buy the latest 12" vinyl British import when I was a teen. Probably two paychecks worth. Now...? I hear those songs while I'm in the cereal aisle comparing boxes of oatmeal. THAT'S depressing. I read Spin magazine religiously for it's first year and a half, until they deigned to put Madonna on the cover AGAIN and I stopped cold turkey. I do have standards, after all. (and yes, I love Almost Famous)

And I have a half decently trained ear, having accomplished Grade 8 Royal Conservatory on the piano and taken jazz piano lessons a little while ago. Hell, I even listened to jazz in my 20s. Whereas friends and family hear 'noise' I hear artistry.

But I don't hear it in Arcade Fire. And I wish that I did cuz it sounds like it'd be really really good.

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