Sunset Wraparound Epiphany

I'm planning on frogging a sweater. And I'm looking forward to it! I belong to a loose-knit (HA! ha ha ha....) group of Fabric Artists - there are knitters & crocheters, weavers, spinners and quilters that show up at the monthly meetings. We started out years ago in a coffee shop but the group grew, and so we've expanded to a more permanent space. (a church hall)

Sunset Wraparound, in progress

I started this particular sweater in 2007. I knit fast and furious for about 8 months, got about 80% done and then couldn't stand its insulative properties during the summer and put it aside. It was almost full size, and that much Alpaca on your lap will make you sweat no matter what.

And since then it's lagged. Last year I made a decision to not feed my yarn habit anymore, and use what I have in my stash to create. Pulled the Sunset Wraparound out and kicked my butt in gear.

While I was trying it on a couple of months ago to measure some things I had a passing thought

"wow, this is kinda itchy against my bare skin"
"but that's OK, I'll just wear a tshirt underneath"

"wow, this is kinda warm"
"hunh, and with a tshirt underneath I'll be hot a lot... and"

 ~~ here come's the epiphany ~~

"... I'll probably never wear it"


What is it with epiphanies? one minute I'm happily planning how to finish off the sweater, and then bam out of nowhere am hit with a realization. Where was that thought in 2007??

So, it's coming apart. I'm bringing it to my next Fabric Artists night and am going to share the destructive joy.

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