impressions in waxing nostalgic

Just heard that Sam Sniderman (ie Sam the Record Man) passed away.

This summer we took a weekend trip to Toronto, and I walked along Yonge St. where his store used to be. I actually didn't realized that the building had been levelled after being sold to Ryerson University. I hope the students who will one day wander through their new building feel the vibe that will linger. Ryerson has his storefront sign -- iconic oversized vinyl platters -- in storage. Hopefully they'll find a way to use it fittingly.

In our local media there's been a lot of nostalgia for this store, more now than when it closed it seems. I too have thought about my weekend trips to downtown from my home in the suburbs. How I almost took this kind of experience for granted: buying an import vinyl LP record. I say almost because I knew that one of the advantageous of living in a Big City was that I had access to a store such as this. One that could carry the obscure, the one-of-a-kind... and in my case, the Import. During my 80s it was British Imports.

But I would never have been able to foresee a future where such a successful store would've closed. (And I read science fiction -- I thought about What the Future Would Look Like.)  Statement of the obvious: music consumption has changed so much!

Now those same records that I saved up for, planned the Trip Downtown for, coveted as precious goods...? those songs accompany me on my grocery meanderings up and down the aisles. My oh-so-cool alternative imports are now elevator Muzak.

Music and nostagia seem to be a theme this week. I had difficulty reading this blogpost from all the nodding my head was doing in agreement (hell I've had an almost identical post sitting in my head for ages!).

Nostalgia reigned supreme at the mall recently while shopping with my 13 yr old daughter. She bought a cowl-necked sweater, surrounded by bright neons. Slouchy boots. I even saw a shoulder pad!! Don't worry; I looked away quickly, averting my eyes.

But: I warn you Fashion Industry... you even try to bring back Mom Jeans?? Forget the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement protests... these riots would dwarf them. It would get ugly.

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