7 lessons from my dog

When someone arrives, run to the front door to greet them.

If someone is willing to rub your belly, it doesn't matter how silly you look... just get comfy.

At the end of a long day, nothing beats a cuddle on the couch.

Waiting patiently while your dinner is prepared is far more productive in the end than whining for it.

Taking your collar off at the end of the day... one of the best feelings!

Regular grooming is essential. It is a hassle though...

Getting out of the house for a nice long walk does a body good, both physically and mentally.

Blaze on the dock at Bird Lake


  1. Hee hee. Didn't see the photo of the dog and I thought you were writing about yourself and I'm sitting here in agreement. Fabulous!

    1. Thanks Emily Marie... I *think* I'm writing about both myself and my dog... for my dog... from my dog...??


  2. Cute post Yvonne - I'm smiling knowingly (for my dog, not me Emily) ha!
    My little doggie (Pork Chop) would agree with six out of your seven points. He totally freaks out when we take his collar off! Thanks for the smile!

  3. Thanks Terry... Personally I equate the collar removal to taking off my bra... sometimes oh so satisfying!!