how I stay amused*, happy appy style

Last week I was sitting inside at the pool and saw this stand of burning bushes just outside:

original, taken with iPad3

The sun was just setting behind the building so I wasn't sure if I had enough light but I knew that if I waited for better conditions during next week's swim practice there was a good chance the leaves would be down and I'd have missed a creative opportunity. I love colour, and the fall display this year on my part of the globe has been unsurpassed. So I hussled outside to capture some shots with my iPad3 and iPhone4.

original, taken with iPhone4

original, untouched, taken with iPhone4

Hipstamatic app taken on iPhone4
(John S. lens, no flash)

Percolator of Hipstamatic

I really like the Percolator app; ones of my favourites. I processed the above image using my iPad3, sitting on the couch beside my husband during the evening news. There's three dials on the app, and each of those has multiple choices. The combinations for end image are too numerous to keep track of... so I'm not entirely sure how the above image came to be. I just noodle around until I think 'ooo, purtee' and save. 

original, taken by iPad3
ShakeItPhoto app
The ShakeItPhoto mimics a Polaroid, and even goes through the whole click, whirr and develop in front of your eyes. You can shake your iPhone/iPad to speed it up, but you don't need to. (and: you're not supposed to shake it like a Polaroid either I've since learned... but that's another blogpost when I reveal that I've purchased a secondhand SX-70 Land camera and film from The Impossible Project)

Goes without saying that I really like my iPhone and iPad for photography. They both take fantastic photos, and the retina screen on the iPad3 is phenomenal. I still use both my Sony CyberShot and Pentax DSLR (my CyberShot is in my purse at all times)... but for ease of use, and the fact that I've always got my iPhone with me I love my iPhone. And my photo apps.   

photography icon in the upper left corner includes: Darkroom, Phototreats, Labelbox, Black's uploader app, Diptic, LEGO Photo, Percolator, Flickr, Actioncam, PhotoToaster

not included in screenshot: ShakeItPhoto, MarbleCam, ActionShot, SloPro, ProCam, Fisheye Pro, Bokehful, Squaready, Hueless, 

hunh, that's about 30 photo apps... just about what I thought I had...

Most of the time I just snap a pic, it saves to Camera Roll and then I can import it later into whichever app I feel like. However you can't do this with Hipstamatic, it requires you to take the photo within the app.

I've aquired many of my photo apps after seeing docpop's on instagram. Other photomuses: Daily Dose of Imagery, Blurb.

I suspect this blog post will be continued in further installments...

*(Alternate Blog Post Titles: How the Laundry Piles Up, Why My Dust Bunnies Have Formed a Union, How I Trained My Dog to Self-Walk, Sleep is for Wusses, Why No One Gifts Me Houseplants Anymore)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your process. I always enjoy reading how other people have fun with their photos.