fave :: birdsong

Last week, we pondered our favourite things. I pondered a lot; like... every day! I very quickly realized that I have a LOT of favourite things! I spent the entire week taking inventory, spring in my step: I realized that I surround myself with things that I love... isn't that a warm and comfy thought??

I made this clip to illustrate my favourite sound: a particular birdsong. I'm not a birdwatcher, I don't know what kind of bird it is but I counted myself lucky if I heard it at our family cottage during the summer. I would walk into the forest and get goosebumps from this ethereal, airy, woody arpeggio echoing through the treetops.

I hear it occasionally when walking the dog and last year managed to get its song recorded using Voice Memo on my iPhone. (so those are the dog's pantings that you may hear)

And, of course just for good measure, a nice big Canadian mosquito buzzed the very end. 

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