The First Step : admitting that you own it

I just started watching The Big Bang Theory. The opening shot of a recently viewed episode showed a book that I actually own! Here, take a look:

(the top photo is the opening shot, the other ones are of my possessions, which you may notice also includes an audio tape)

and if the Second Step is admitting that I gave myself a sore throat from practising too long (it's a very gutteral language) then I'm there!


  1. I LOVE that you gave yourself a sore throat practicing Klingon! I remember watching the LoTR movies and wanting to learn Elvish. Maybe I'll still find a way to do it! =)

    1. Well Nadja, if in the vastness of this Internet there is NOT a place to learn Elvish, I sense a project for you!

      (take it from me though: pace yourself; don't overdo it)