In re-reading recents posts, I noticed that I've published ones that document how busy/insane/busy my life is right now. I don't want these posts to read as complaints, rather as disbelief. I mean, just how can I possibly be that busy...? I'm a SAHM for goodness sake! What the hellelse am I doing exactly??

That's what my inner voice exclaims. Well, one of my inner voices. No, not United States of Tara-esque or nuthin, just one of my thoughts, expressed as slightly judgemental.

In order to combat recent posts, let me list many happy things that happen. Many of which occur daily.


walks at the dog park, during which I make a point of looking up at the sky. Because it's usually changing, and usually beautiful and always calming.
I Wish in the morning, driving the kids to school
Three Sisters, hot in a mug. Oh, and bacon.

huh. those are all in the morning...
okay then,

having more floor space now
not obsessing over yarn, but feeling my creativity take off in other directions. Unknown.
chocolate (little too obvious?)
quiet evenings all to me. otherwise known as Staying Up Far Too Late For My Own Good

a nice, quaint, Jane Austen movie every once in a while
having two children who read too much. Like recently at a restaurant I was the only one who didn't bring any reading material and I was kinda lonely. But it's difficult to utter the words "stop reading so much!". I can, and have, uttered 'put down that book' but that's because their attention is needed elsewhere.
playing tug-of-war with the dog

and blogging.

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