Part of the reason why I blog is to journal. So this post is important for me... you may stop now guilt-free; you need not read any further.

Last week was lived in hourly segments. As in this hour I must do this, but then next hour I need to be over there doing that. My mantra was Just Move Forward. Whenever I sat still for more than four minutes I tended to fall asleep. Thankfully red lights are less than four minutes in length. Even while sitting still in the car at an intersection I could feel my body start to slump.

There was two school council meetings, open house at Neal's school, a long outsourced cleaning session of the old and now empty house, consumption of one hyacinth bulb with resulting barf session paid for at the vets, two swim team practises, listing of old house and eight subsequent showings, stamping children's Terry Fox maps as they ran around the school field, inaugural pizza days at both schools, a gymnastics practise, five long walks at the off leash dog park, two offers on the house, one accepted.

And a partridge in a pear tree. At least I think it was a partridge... could've just been the female cardinal. Although Joe swears he sees wild turkeys around.

Unfortunately when I'm that wound up, when I get up to pee at 4am I get planning my day. Ticking off items on my mental To Do list. And then I can't fall back to sleep. I guess instead of counting sheep I should just pretend I'm at a red light, huh?

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