Dear Ms Mazda MPV,

We were both sitting, waiting patiently at the red light. You were behind me. As soon as the light changed, we both accelerated... me actually driving my car by changing gears, you by pushing down on a pedal. Just after we cleared the intersection I guess you decided that I wasn't accerlerating fast enough because you started to pull out over a solid yellow line going around a blind curve.

I must admit at first I was busy driving my car (please see above) and didn't comprehend just what you were attempting. When I did, I stopped accelerating. Why? Well, you needed to come back into my lane... back over that solid yellow line while we're now going around that blind curve.

Then... I. slowed. down. For you.

Now, don't think for a minute that you are justified in passing me in such a dangerous way because I was obviously going too slowly... I slowed down for you. And yes, I leaned on my horn.

Maybe it sounded indignant? or perhaps a bit pissed? Sorry... that's cuz I was a little bit. But mostly I was incredulous. And then when you'd been allowed back into the proper lane and stole a look in your rearview mirror I mouthed a big 'NOooo' and shook my head...? That's because what you did was beyond wrong. It was just plain stupid. Why would you - a minivan driving Mom - do something so crazy?! Because by the next set of lights you were only two cars ahead of me!! Yeah, I know... endangering at least two whole families for 20 metres!

And then at the next lights too... only 20 metres gained. And then you turned right, down towards a school very close to my kids' school... ahhh, that's why. You were late to pick up your kids...

So was I. (I mean, the picking up my kids part). Weird, huh? We're both Moms, on our way to pick up our kids from school. You could be me! I could be you!

So let me say this, from one Mom to another:

WRONG. and
you're welcome

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