synchronicity and synaesthesia

I have synaesthesia. I'm sure I've written about it here before, but can't find that post and I'm lazy so I'm repeating myself. I'm a lazy, untidy synaesthete. Synaesthestian. Synaestheseologist. (huh, none of those triggered spell-check)

Note to self: must go back and tag some labels onto posts cuz now I'm cranky that I can't find where I wrote about my synaesthesia.

And, just to take my geeky nerdiness a bit more pedantic, I have chromatographemic synaesthesia. Or grapheme --> colour synaesthesia. Or letter-colour synaesthesia. I associate colours with letters. But don't feel too sorry for me, this is the most common form of this particular neurological glitch. 

A glitch that I didn't even know about until well into adulthood, and a glitch that I cannot imagine living without. 

But more recently, I've come to realize how important colour is to me. Now when I need a cheery moment to pass me by, I find a lovely colour combination to make me smile. I've started to collect certain colours too. 

By the way, this guy does a bang up job of describing this type of synaesthesia.

So I was extra special curious to see just what my colour perception would be, and jumped in both feet when I saw this test on a recent Apartment Therapy post.

Good thing I studied... I got zero. Perfect colour vision!

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