the march post

It's March 31st, and if I want to have any post in this month I gotta do it now.

Thing is, nothing springs to mind that is bloggable. Nothing has sprung to mind since the beginning of February really. Proof is in the post dates.

Oh, there've been Random Musings over the last seven weeks, but nothing 'worthy' of sitting down and creating with. I've been creative in other ways: noodling around with iMovie, slopping Modge Podge on some things, loving all my new photography apps on my iPhone, baking polymer clay into wee cupcakes... and trying to stay in touch with my One Little Word: [clean].

I'll be able to access April's prompt for the One Little Word workshop starting tomorrow, and I'm hoping that I can do better in April cuz March was a bust. March was Action: find something to Do that has meaning with your word. I decided to find or develop or create a yummy gluten-free bread so I can have toast with peanut butter on it. One of the definitions of [clean] for me is Eat Clean and I do a lot better off gluten, so I thought this Action would be great. (and easy)

Pftt. Shudda known better. How many loaves of bread did I make? One. And a blechy one at that.

I looked around online, and I have some recipes myself and I figured out what I wanted in my loaf compared to others and last week I finally got around to hauling out the bread machine to create a wonderful loaf of gluten-free bread and then I'd be able to fill out all my lovely scrapebookey printouts JUST in the nick of time. Nope. Not gonna happen.

But you know, part of this workshop for me is to embrace the imperfection. Somehow it's tied into my One Little Word. I finished January's task and immediately wanted to pitch the sheet of paper. It wasn't Perfect. But I didn't, and it is still in my binder and now it doesn't look so bad. But I was really uncomfortable walking away from a Job Not Perfect. And then I had unexpected palpitations just showing my creation to my husband; what if he just shrugged and walked away or laughed or something? Better off to keep it to myself... but I didn't. And he was kinda impressed!

So come on April... what's it gonna be??

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