the march post, part II

Greetings to and from: using the Pano app on my awesome iPhone.

We went to Mont-Tremblant for Family Day weekend in February. The day we arrived it was 13C and when we woke up the next day it was apparently -30C with the windchill at the top of the mountain. (Yea, and there's no such thing as climate change... right, Mr Harper??)

One morning I took a look at the top of the mountain using their webcams; it was so beautiful... I love the colours of the morning and twilight skies. I even managed to get the moon in one shot!

So then I arranged with The Skiers to go and stand where I'd see them:

We had lots of fun. Neal and Maeve are old enough that they now want to ski all day long, and I'm no longer an anxious traveller so I'm much more relaxing to be around...

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