I have this belief that the Universe and Everything self-corrects. You know, that karma thing. Be nasty in this life and return as an insect for your next one. When I feel wronged, I stay calm (okay, I TRY and stay calm ) secure in my faith that at some point those who did the wronging will feel the pang of the other end of the stick.

But how great would it be to actually see this process in effect?

I think it'd be extremely satisfying to watch this self-correction. With or without a whispered "I told you this'd happen if you kept behaving like that years ago..." to the karma'ed being. Not only would it give you a feeling of vindication, it'd provide 'closure' (a overused word/concept I've always abhorred). You could brush your hands off, paste a satisfied smirk on yer gob, and walk away clean.

And maybe ~ if you knew that someone would be 'taken care of' ~ people wouldn't be so nasty to each other.

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