flying my Redfox flag

I was fortunate enough to be part of the inaugural Redfox Retreat a couple of weeks ago in Somerset. We stayed in a gorgeous Georgian manor house.

front hall

This was my very first retreat. I'm fairly good at taking care of myself - I firmly believe that if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. And as I'm (mostly) a Stay at Home Mom, it's important that I stay happy. Or at least sane.

I also firmly believe that my creativity and my mental state are inextricably linked. Co-dependent.

But - even given the above belief - I still felt incredibly selfish to travel so far away from home & family to nourish myself. Body and soul and all that.

And nourishing it was! Meghan, Sas and Susannah said that was the word they had in mind when creating the retreat.

Susannah, Sas and Meghan
Mission. Accomplished. *standing ovation*

Three days of workshops, some in the warm embrace of a yurt, all in a circle of very likeminded Women Who Became Vixens. 

yurt entrance
yurt interior

One day spent on a class field trip to Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Tor
walking up the Tor
ruins of St Michael's church
I made it
looking towards Wells and Bath
in the St John's church labyrinth
at the Chalice Well,
at the Chalice Well,
yes: it was cold
at the Chalice Well
ruins of Glastonbury Abbey

And every day nourished by the most awesome team of food friends! 
(gluten-free sticky toffee pudding. seriously.)

lunchtime goodness

evening ambiance

Would I recommend it? Hell to the YEAH! Did I find it difficult to relax and retreat? NO. not at all. 
(I guess I really am selfish, after all.) *smirks*

string of lights,
sparks of connection

This will go down in my books as one of the most soul-full experiences of my life. The group of women who showed up were... divine. I lost track of the number of times when I looked around and thought what the fuck is going on?? and this feels greater than the sum of its parts... 

It was powerful. 

first litter of
Redfox vixens


  1. Wonderful photo documentation - It's like being back again.

    Once upon I time there were 19 vixens meeting in ...

  2. Wonderful! ANd you know - Sas, Sus and I also looked around and wondered - in the best possible way - "what the fuck is going on?!" It WAS magic!

    1. yep. *nods head emphatically*
      (and thanks for commenting Meghan... this isn't a well-travelled site: nice to know you came here {{hugs}})

  3. Oh, I love the story you've told here with photos!!! And, when I think about it, I actually remember seeing a facial expression of yours, a few times, that represented this, "I looked around and thought what the fuck is going on??" Hahaha...
    I'm so happy to have met you an look forward to continuing out friendship. xxo

    1. I didn't realize I was quite so transparent! I'll hafta work on that... ;)
      And I'm so happy to have met you too, hun...

  4. your photos are so great and it's fun seeing glimpses of myself - it reminds me I was really there, I really did it.

    1. thanks!!
      you WERE there Fiona. don't forget...

  5. i love this post! and yes what the fuck is going on? totes with you :)
    so glad you were there
    (ps am free-boobin' as i post this comment ;)

  6. Am on my grown up computer so am allowed to post with grown up words - like Fuck Yeah! Brilliant post my dear, I am sooooo glad you are a selfish Momma and came and played with us all. We are all officially AMAZING and I am so delighted to have you all as friends forever whatever the jinkins free-boobin is :)

    1. xx Sarah...

      (free-boobin = sans breast scaffolding)