10 shuffle

interesting experiment: go to iPod, choose Songs and then shuffle.  list first ten songs.

ok, here goes:

I just bought these 100 Ella Fitzgerald tracks last month. I think it was only $6!
She has to have The Perfect Voice, in my humble opinion.

Let's see... fun movie, fun song. Makes me happy, happy, joy, joy like Earth, Wind and Fire.

Ah, Coldplay. I've heard interviews with Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland. And I would love to meet them in person... wouldn't you?

Reminds me of 60s British Invasion, soundtrack from Heartbeat. But the first couple of seconds drive me nutters!

iTunes has a featured free Song of the Week. I usually download it. This may have been one of those, or it may have been found while looking around for some more ethereal tracks to accompany my Boards of Canada songs. Not sure which.

Mother, Mother. Canadian (yay!) and we love 'em in this house. I don't 'do' poetry/lyrics kinda frou frou stuff, but did post lyrics to one of their songs. Once.

iTunes also has a Chanson de la semaine. I download these less frequently, mostly because Quebec music didn't seem to throw off it's folksy Voyageur ancestry and rebel. Hence there are too many backwoods songs for me. Or ballads! omg, ditch the epic ballad! Mind you, it's made Celine millions, non?

Oh look! Ella again... (well, there are 100 tracks in there now)

Another freebie. Sometimes theyr'e current (like this one - score!) and sometimes not so much. But hey, the price point. Can't complain.

henh, another FreeB. Upon initial, sample listen thought "umm, no... not my cuppa tea, thanks anyway". But then there's something that stuck and I ended up downloading it. They sound 'tight'. Which always sounds simultaneously dated and pretentious to me, but is a great way of explaining that the band or group of musicians sound like they've got it. Practiced and polished and talent present. = 'tight'. Daddy-O.

So... going to try this 10 Shuffle experiment for yourself?

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