it's (just) a sign

My goodness, don't mess with us at this age, at this time

Scene: busy weekend afternoon at the grocery store. I know, she shouldn't have gone but oh well, she's there now. And there's no carts available inside the store and the roll is empty so there's not many produce bags. And it's crowded - the check out queues are all long. It is what it is, just get the stuff you need and go home, right? 

Standing in line, the cashier asks the man behind her to put the 'closed' sign on his cart handle. The cashier has worked there for years, it pays the bills and is frequently challenging. Like now: 

"that's not my job" says him
... ?!?

"well... I can't see the end of the line from where I am... so... just... could you put it on the handle of your cart, please?" says she, kindly

"that's not my job" says him, again

At this point, my friend steps in
"here, let me put it on my cart then"

Problem? solved.

(he abandoned his cart)

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  1. when I googled for the link, found out Chris Martin's bday is today too!! no wonder I love his music...