procrastinate until perfect

I chose One Little Word back in January, plunked my credit card down (virtually) and was instantly enrolled. I thought about my One Little Word all that month, struggled to complete the month's prompt, took some deep breaths and put it aside. It wasn't perfect, and it took me a couple of days before I got up the nerve to open the binder again. You know, cuz I thought it was shite. Well, actually that's not exactly true... I was paralyzed by the thought that someone else would think it was shite. Truth be told, I kinda liked it.

But if your proud of something... well, that's just ASKING for trouble. No?

February was okay too. The prompt had to do with photography and oddly enough I'd been thinking of photographing my word in my environment way back in January. March I don't remember... oh! I developed a gluten-free bread recipe that was worthy of the toaster. And peanut butter. But that recipe didn't come together until May.

April I was pissed off at myself cuz I wasn't creating a binder as visually stunning as the teacher's example. We were to write a letter to ourselves to be opened in a year. Be nice to yourself Yvonne when you read it next April.

May I can't remember, probably cuz I was confusing it with March's. June's looked like a lot of fun and I was SO looking forward to doing it because it was creating random little art canvases. But I haven't done it yet and it's almost the middle of July. I think July's is about creating a musical playlist but I haven't screwed up enough courage yet to open the video prompt and find out.

In my head, there is a definite disconnect between my intentions and my actions. And it's frustrating as hell!!!

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