This whole food theme seems to be cropping up over and over! That post by dooce, the book that I rec'd for xmas ('s OK it was on my wish list), me and my one little word work... and now this aha! moment I had recently...

I was talking with Eleanor about raclette; explaining it to her and talking about how even my kids eat it, albeit modified. On New Year's Eve we fed all six kids first so they could reach the raclette set in the middle of the table and then us Growned Ups would eat after. Nutella was placed on the table with an explanation that "Drew doesn't eat raclette, he doesn't like melted cheese" or something like that.

I thought nothing of it at the time really. I understand totally, having picky eaters living with me every day... but I realized during my conversation with my friend that Drew's food issue was totally accomodated! I hadn't even realized this up until then. None of the "this is what's for dinner, eat it or else" or "you must try a mouthful of each" or even the cousins "oh, come on... just eat it!". He doesn't eat melted cheese and so he could have a grilled Nutella sandwich. Which he made himself.

Maeve of course asked if she could have one too, and I said sure. She ate some raclette though, didn't even have to tell her to.

I'm not passing judgement. I understand, and it's not a problem with me if my sister-in-law and her husband allow their son to make a food substitution at dinner. It does however illuminate on our food issues from another angle...

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