So, how many of these did YOU own...? I can count five.
My feet break out in a sweat just glancing at the Jellies. I remember having difficulty on the dance floor during one humid well-attended party. Definitely NOT a breathable shoe.
Loved, loved, LOVED my penny loafers. Oxblood coloured Bass Weejuns. I saved up for months to get them. And you had to scuff the bottom of them on the sidewalk or else you could slide clear across your friends carpeted basement! Trust me. (and yes, a brand-new penny inserted in each) Penny loafers were retro in the 80s; my Mom had worn them in the 50s she said. She was the one who told me to put pennies in the slots.
Never owned top siders, didn't like 'em either. I guess because the first couple of guys that I met who wore them were jerks. (the penny loafer guys never were)
And I used to use fabric paint on my knock-off Keds from Kmart to personalize them. Sometimes with a matching oversized hand painted Tshirt. I know, stylish!
Never got around to owning a pair of Tretorns, but loved them from afar.
The only addition I'd make to this wonderful list is cockroach killer flat slingbacks. Kind of like
these, but elongate that toe.

ahhh nostalgia, thy name is footwear.

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