as it is written

I have a great lasagna recipe that I copied from my sis. It's dead easy, and three outta four family members agree that it tastes really, really good. (the fourth? sigh... she was SUCH a good eater when she was a baby. I thought it was gonna be easy. What happened??)
The only issue I have with this recipe is that it encourages dissension. If I make it with anybody else around, I have to contend with comments from the naysayers. I spend the entire casserole construction time calmly reassuring the nonbelievers.
"you don't precook your noodles...?!"
"350F won't cook that in an hour"
"that's not enough noodle layers"
And then everyone enjoys dinner (except the fourth) with incredulous comments about how good it is. Yes, it is.
Your welcome. And next time, just trust in the recipe.

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